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''At the beginning of the year we commissioned Max to create a planting plan for both our borders which was not an easy task as we have so many different species and varieties of plants.  She approached the task in hand with great exuberance, passion and commitment and the end result was way beyond our expectations.  This is why we have asked her to focus her creative eye on another part of the garden.   Max is an incredibly artistic person who has a great eye for colour and composition. She understands what plants should go in what area of a garden and when each plant flowers throughout the year.  She is a great plants woman and I could not recommend her enough.  Thanks, Max.''
Nicola, Grayswood. 

''Max was commissioned by us to do a complete design of our garden and is still helping us in creating it. She is just excellent and a completely lovely person. She had some brilliant ideas but by no means dictated to us and has produced a fantastic, relatively low maintenance, beautifully drawn design that it is both modern and soft. She has managed to make our incredibly disjointed garden on a slope flow really well and I can't wait to see the finished product!''
Mrs V Apps, Surrey

''It was an absolute pleasure to work with Max to create our perfect garden. Our garden was in need of a total overhaul, but unlike other designers who wanted to rip everything out and start again, Max was able to work with some of the lovely well established plants that we wanted to keep but reposition.  Max has a natural gift, something that cannot be learnt, and her vision and understanding of our requirements meant that each family member can now enjoy our garden to the full. I would not hesitate to recommend Max to anyone.''
Mrs L Cardwell, SW14

''Maxime fully understood my requirements and brought many excellent ideas of her own to create a lovely, tranquil, wildlife-friendly garden that was a delight to relax in. The execution of the design including the construction of fencing, patio, a pond together with extensive planting was immaculate.''
Mr David Earle, London

''Max has worked with us to create a vision for our garden, which is simple yet creative and perfect for our needs. She has worked up a beautiful plan which brings our "new" garden alive. She is now working with us to create our garden. Her input particularly in our choice of plants will be invaluable. We can't wait to enjoy the summer in our lovely new outdoor space!''
Mrs R Corbett, West Sussex



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